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If you spend $199, you'll get George's signature course, Stats, Graphs, and Data Science 1, for 75% off the current list price.

Most in-person Valuemetrics courses are $345 for 14-hours. Our online, live, synchronous courses, SGDS1 and SGDS2, run $295 to $345, also for 14-hours each. With the discount, the course price runs $73.25 to $86.25. 

Here's the math:

$199 + $73.25 = $272.25. Remember list price for SGDS1 Online is $295. So you're ahead already.

You can take his next level course, Stats, Graphs, and Data Science 2, for 75% off the list price as well.

In addition, you will receive access to webinars by George Dell and Craig Gilbert, SRA, ASA, CRP, on Price Indexing in Changing and Declining Markets.

And articles written by George Dell on Market Price Indexing, and more. Also articles written by Bruce Hahn and John Fariss, members of the Community of Asset Analysts.

Current subscribers will have access to future videos, future articles, future classes.  

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Our Most Recent Article:

An essay by John Fariss, MNAA, on Painting By Numbers with R and RStudio.

John Fariss is a frequent contributor to George Dell's Stats, Graphs, and Data Science Classes as well as a Founding Member of the Community of Asset Analysts.

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The Asset Analyst Report

With the dramatic changes in data and software technology, many appraisal services will decline or disappear.  However, other skills and knowledge will become more valuable. 
The Asset Analyst Report (TAAR)© provides understanding and training of data science solutions in a big data world.  This includes seamless connection to the new forms, open-source analytics, the blockchain revolution, and new client needs.  We identify and explain action plans for valuation analysts to provide needed additional services.  This also includes risk/reliability scoring, forecast value, fundamental value, ‘strict’ market price, and ‘transaction zone’ estimation.

Other topics covered include:

  • Understanding and Using Models and Algorithms
  • AVMs, Appraisal, and EBV
  • Code for Creating a Box and Whiskers Graph in RStudio
  • Code for Creating a Scatter Plot with Trendline in RStudio
  • Market Analysis with EBV Pt 1: Introduction to Price Indexing
  • What is an Adjustment? Part 1
  • What is an Adjustment? Part 2: Adjustments and EBV
  • What is an Adjustment? Part 3: Three Predictive Methods
  • And More
  • Also Included is George Dell's Effective Age Calculator as mentioned in his Stats, Graphs, and Data Science Classes

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