About George Dell

George Dell's Valuemetrics.Info Appraiser Education provides cutting edge teaching of continuing education for appraisers.

George Dell, SRA, MAI, ASA, CRE, CDEI, of San Diego, CA, is the creator and developer of the Evidence-Based Valuation© method of appraisal. This New Valuation Modeling Paradigm© emphasizes modern open-source data analytics software. His signature workshop, Stats, Graphs and Data Science1 initiates new appraiser products and services – by combining appraiser expertise with data science tools and critical thinking skills.

Mr. Dell has been published multiple times in The Appraisal Journal during his career. His articles include the controversial, “Common Statistical Errors and Mistakes” in 2013 Fall Edition, and “Regression, Critical Thinking, and the Valuation Problem Today” in the 2017 Summer Edition. 

His extensive graduate education led him to reexamine traditional statistics and “three-comp thinking.” The resulting Stats, Graphs, and Data Science actionable education brings technology-empowered valuation methods to appraisers. The accredited “Asset Analyst©” advances tools and methods for a broader range of services needed by clients – for collateral assurance, investment/portfolio risk scoring, and understandable science-based litigation presentation. The practice begins with evidence-based data selection, replacing the obsolescent, “trust me, I know a good comp when I see it” belief. It ends with a reproducible report, scored for reliability and forecasting. This eliminates the need for subjective and troublesome “appraisal review.”

The George Dell's free weekly blog on his eponymous website raises often-controversial (but forward looking) issues. He is founded the Community of Asset Analysts (CAA)© forum for the common sharing of analytical packages and data science applications in R and RStudio among approved members.  He is the editor and author of The Asset Analyst Report (TAAR)©.


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