Refund, Cancellation, Discount Coupon Policies.

George Dell/Valuemetrics.Info Cancellation and Refund Policy

George Dell/Valuemetrics.Info Opt-in Email Policy

All students/subscribers who purchase a product or service must opt-in to receive “marketing emails”. All emails from and are classified as “marketing email” by overarching state, national and international SPAM rules, and regulations. If the subscriber/student declines to receive email from us, we cannot communicate with that person via email. This includes delivery of electronic paid or free subscriptions, courses taught via Zoom or other online means. For example, we cannot deliver the student/subscriber the Zoom link to attend a purchased course or announce a new module to an existing product owned by the student/subscriber. Also, notification of new benefits or bonuses included with a product purchased including eligible discounts for other products and services cannot be sent.

Discount Coupon Policy

We, at George Dell’s Valuemetrics, make discounts on courses available to all students as much as possible. If a student fails to utilize a discount opportunity for a class and pays the full price for the course, the student is not eligible for a refund of the difference in price.

TAAR© discount coupons for upcoming classes are sent to the subscriber immediately after purchase via email. All subscribers receive a weekly email from Valuemetrics.Info (52 times a year) with the Early Edition of George Dell’s Analogue Blog for the coming week. This email will contain all offers available with direct discount links for the purchase of courses or discounted merchandise. These discounts are NOT TRANSFERABLE to non-subscribers.

George Dell/Valuemetrics.Info is not responsible for the delivery of these emails as affected by the subscriber/student’s email security settings, anti-virus software, or the subscriber’s history of interaction with emails from us which directly affect email provider algorithms and other technological issues outside of our control.

Subscription Cancellations and Refund Policy

Subscribers to The Asset Analysts Report (TAAR)© will automatically be sent a notice by email of pending renewal at least 10 (ten) calendar days prior to the cancellation deadline. The subscriber must cancel the renewal before the cancellation deadline by notifying Valuemetrics.Info via email of their decision to not renew or by going into their account inside Valuemetrics.Info and use the self-service option. If the subscriber does not cancel the renewal prior to the deadline, they are not eligible for a refund. We will honor their request for the following renewal cycle by cancelling the auto renewal process to take effect the following year. Subscribers will have access to all the content, bonuses, and discounts for TAAR subscribers until their subscription expires.

George Dell/Valuemetrics.Info is not responsible for the placement of notification emails inside the subscriber’s email box. Email delivery is affected by the subscriber’s email security settings, anti-virus software, the subscriber’s history of interaction with emails from us which directly affect email provider algorithms, and other technological issues outside of our control.

Subscribers are responsible for monitoring their SPAM folder.

Course Cancellation or Postponement Policy

If the class is cancelled or postponed for reasons beyond the control of George Dell/Valuemetrics.Info (e.g.: inclement weather, social unrest, or other overarching event), every attempt will be made to reschedule the class. Refunds will be made to those unable to attend on the new date.

Student Cancellation Policy

Students who voluntarily cancel their attendance up to 7-days prior to class may receive a full refund. A $25 cancellation fee is charged for any cancellations during the six days prior to class. No refunds will be issued for a cancellation made 24-hours or less prior to the start of the course, including “no-show” students on any of the days of class for multi-day classes.

All students, regardless of when they cancel, have the option to transfer their registration fee toward a future comparable class wherever George Dell/Valuemetrics.Info is teaching in the contiguous United States for up to 12-months. Students are responsible for notifying George Dell/Valuemetrics.Info administration when and where they want to apply the credit. After 12 months, unused credits are forfeited to George Dell/Valuemetrics.Info. This policy also applies to courses taught live via Zoom.




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