Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy:

We respect you privacy. This privacy policy applies to the websites of and

Our address: P.O. Box 81081, San Diego, CA 92138, USA

For our students, the information we collect can be deleted from our database, after the regulatory time period for the storing your personal educational data for licensing requirements has expired (usually five to seven years), by email request.

For our subscribers, you information can be deleted upon request unless affected by the previous item.

We collect information for the following purposes:

  • Tailoring our website for its visitors.
  • Contacting our visitors for promotion of the site or its products.
  • Preserving information as required by existing law or policy.

Who has access to the information we collect?

Ourselves and/or our agents who would utilize the information only for the purpose given.

How long is the information stored?

The information is stored for an indeterminate period of time.


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