What do our Students say?

Testimonials from our students. 

No Appraiser Left Behind!

John Wright – St. Matthews, SC

The class this past weekend [in Myrtle Beach] was by far the best I have ever had in 31 years of appraising.

Chris Goss – Cornelius, NC

Thank you for a great course this weekend in Myrtle Beach.  Do not take the slide out about "drinking from a fire hose".  That is how it felt to me the first time I took the class.  This past weekend, though, everything slowed down.  The concepts were much easier for me to grasp.  In addition to the discussions on Data Frames and Competitive Market Segments, I have a much better understanding of what R, R studio, and the packages developed for R studio are.  The first time through SGDS1, I thought it was the best CE I have had in my career.  The second time through was, in many ways, even better.

David Dysart – Tampa, FL

I took George’s Stats, Graphs, and Data Science1 class this last week in Orlando. It was an EXCELLENT CLASS and I HIGHLY recommend that all appraisers get on the side of the appraising fence that actually does and shows the work of adjusting comparables through proper analysis and decision making. Thank you George and I cannot wait for the next class. I WILL BE 1st to sign up !!!!!!


Richard Thelwell – Coconut Creek, FL

Thanks George, your Valumetrics class was one of best Continuing Ed courses in 25 years as an Appraiser. You provided an excellent forward thinking approach that I will seek to master and implement in all of my appraisals. Keep up the good work- this profession needs you. Best Regards

Anonymous from Central CA:

“I have been appraising for 10 years and this class is by far the best course I have ever taken.”

Jeffery Hall, CA:

George Dell’s class has changed the way I look at the whole process of appraising. FINALLY! A way to adjust with a knowin…

Nick Dunlop, CA:

“George’s time adjustment analysis alone is worth the cost of the class!”

Don Machholz, CA

“George Dell is a leader in the field of appraisal data science. The concepts he teaches can elevate the appraiser to a newer level of defensible appraisal development. He teaches with both, patience and humor. This class is comprehensive and he takes care that no one is left behind.”

Mark Lindsay, CA

Allows me to approach the ugliest of appraisal assignments with an ordered, intelligent and non-biased method. The concept of using a complete data set gives a much more reliable overview of a market. Thank you, George.”

Anonymous, NV

“I have been able to change the course of my business because I have taken George Dell’s classes. I do not get questions on my adjustments when my reports include graphs and explanations, I have learned from George Dell’s classes.”

April Medina, CA

“I thought this class would be too advanced for me. It wasn’t. George was great at expelling the statistics mystique. Very useful. I would like more!”

Elias Salas, CA

“George presents a great class for those that want to learn appraising the right way. Give us more George!”

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