Market Conditions Time Adjustments

A New 4-hour Class from George Dell, the creator of Evidence Based Valuation(c). 

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4-hour virtual course taught live on Zoom on Wednesday, July 24, 2024. Class starts at 11:00 AM Pacific Time. 

4-hours CE California.

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What you will learn in this course.

This seminar enables students to use modern price-indexing methods specifically for real property valuations. Students are taught the ability to create a graph showing relevant sales, a linear trend line visual, and establish a time adjustment.  This is a hands-on course using commercial or open-source spreadsheet software, or (recommended) open-source data analytic software, R, and the RStudio user interface.

Learning objectives.

Upon completion of this presentation, students will be able to:

  1. Identify the relevant data set;
  2. Create a graph in RStudio or spreadsheet;
  3. Calculate a linear trend line with simple regression;
  4. Calculate the underlying formula to establish the time adjustment.

What is Evidence Based Valuation(c)? 

Evidence Based Valuation(c), is an appraisal model created by George Dell, SRA, MAI, ASA, CRE. This model builds on the premise that appraisals should be grounded in verifiable data and built with simple descriptive statistical analysis techniques using open source R and RStudio data analytic software. Rather than reliance on subjective, pick comps then support your opinion by making adjustments, this model encourages appraisers to use an array of data sources, including local (and if necessary national) databases, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and various analytical techniques in their valuations. 

Begin Your Journey 

Learn the basics of Evidence Based Valuation(c)

Learn Open Source Software

Open source data analytic software R and RStudio is provided. 

Continuing Education Credits 

Approved in California and accepted by many states.

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