Modernizing Appraisal by George Dell, SRA, MAI, ASA, CRE

In conjunction with the Tennessee Chapter of the Appraisal Institute, 

on May 25, 2021, George Dell will be teaching a live, synchronous, online Zoom course. 

Webcam and microphone required.

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In this online course you will learn

  1. This seminar enables students to use modern price-indexing methods specifically to real property valuations. Students are given the ability to create a graph showing relevant sales, a linear trend line visual, and establish a time adjustment.  It is hands-on optional using commercial or open-source spreadsheet software.  Examples using R, an analytics software available also as open-source.
  2. Learning objectives. Upon completion of this presentation, students will be able to:
    1. Identify the relevant data set;
    2. Create a graph in spreadsheet software;
    3. Calculate a linear trend line with simple regression;
    4. Calculate the underlying formula to establish time adjustment.

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